Take advantage of dozens
of custom services

We take keen interest
in your business aspects.

Inventory Management using AI

Manage your vehicles stocks smartly from
auction to after-sale services and all other
supporting aspects using AI. Have all data
in one place, forever.

Precision Accounting using AI

Account for all major to trivial costs
incurred on a vehicle to revenue generated
in a progressive way. Never skip a cost,
and continually assess the trends.

Market Insights using AI

Using targeted AI and over 200 data points,
we offer you actionable insights in all
aspects of your business for smarter decision-making.

Cloud Management

Everything is managed in the cloud,
and can be accessed from anywhere at
anytime. We have global backups in more
than a dozen data centers.

Custom Reporting

Get customized reports that are highly
filterable by time, vehicle specs, geographical
location, client demography, sales, revenue,
and much more.

Multi-level dealership & agents

We have tailored services for your
specific business operations, and
role-based accesses to your account.
Also supporting parent-subsidiary levels.

One platform,
Many superpowers

Spertta is a blend of services smartly tailored for car dealers, importers, sellers,
and resellers. Heavily relying on AI, our services are continually improving.

Insightful Analytics
Stock Inventory
Smart Accounting
Role-based Team
Cloud Based
Artificial Intelligence
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Inventory & Accounting

Manage all your stock inventory and accounts from anywhere at anytime.

With our powerful AI tools, you' a're able to smartly manage your stock data, stock assignments, competition data, handling and other trivial costs, so that you're able to make final pricing, revenue and other business decisions. You're able to create and track your growth plan, and with the data, you can sequentially track your progress and projections.

Smart Insights &

We understand that you're business growth is as good as the data you have.

We use smart AI algorithms to collate and manipulate over 300 data points from different businesses running on Spertta and the market trends and influences so that you can get insightful and actionable Analytics and information that will help you make smart business decisions. Analytics and data is our key value, and we take lots of business and engineering efforts in ensuring that what we offer necessary information.

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